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Get Your Life Back With Ketamine Therapy

Our Mission is to renew the minds and bodies of those suffering from depression, psychiatric conditions, chronic discomfort and anyone wanting to take control of their overall wellness. Through ketamine infusion therapy and other time-tested wellness services, such as IV hydration, micronutrients, and vitamins, our ketamine clinic and hydration lounge is certain to bring hope to those who have none and improve the health and wellness of many.

Invictus Clinic offers Ketamine Infusion therapy as an adjunct medication for treatment-resistant mood disorders: depression, and anxiety in addition to chronic discomfort. In collaboration with your doctor, we provide fast acting, long duration relief when nothing else helps.


Finally an alternative to drug therapy. No added pills = no added side effects.


Unlike other medications, Ketamine offers relief within hours of your infusion session.


There is hope. We can help. Contact Invictus Clinic today and schedule an appointment.

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What Do Ketamine Infusions Help With?


With an 80% success rate in recent studies, Ketamine is helping people across the country regain control of their life.


Don’t let Anxiety keep you down. Discover how Ketamine infusion therapy is helping thousands of people just like you find relief.


Have you experienced a traumatic event, or are you ex-military? Find out how Ketamine is helping others live normally again.


Are you suffering from Radiculopathy or Neuropathic Pain? Discover how Ketamine can help provide relief.


Ketamine Infusion Therapy has an 80% success rate for helping those with severe depression and suicidal thoughts.


IV Ketamine Infusion treatments are dramatically helping Improve the quality of life for severe migraine patients.

Established Outcomes for Mind-Body Wellness


Reduce Intake of Anti-Depressants

Our approach provides you with the medications you need, but with the goal of reducing and/or eliminating chronic medication consumption.

Curb Side Effects

Finding the source of your illness is our mission. As we rebuild your health, we help to reduce your medications, which reduces your side-effects.

Rebuild Positive Lifestyle

Our goal is to repair the internal physical damage that results in your current state of illness. As your body is healed, you gain improved mood and energy levels.

Improve Cognition

Our goal is to control known causes of impaired cognition, such as oxidative stressors, inflammatory mediators, toxins, and chemical imbalances.

Reduce Opioid Medications

Our goal is to treat the source of your discomfort through a different mechanism. Our medications are highly effective at treating discomfort brought on by inflammatory disorders, neuropathic disorders, and migraine headaches. Ketamine can also be useful in decreasing opioid consumption used with acute injury.

Increase Quality of Life

Our goal is to bring about positive changes in your life. By bringing your Mind-Body wellness into balance, we hope to bring about an increase in your Quality of life. We want you to experience a life well lived!

Ketamine Therapy Reviews

"The ketamine infusions helped me a lot. After the initial series of six infusions, my therapist noted a dramatic change in my demeanor and outlook on life. I appreciated the knowledge and care of Katie and Jenn throughout the process. The infusions also helped me to reduce the number of medications that I take."


Robin Smiler
"The team at Invictus Clinic go above and beyond to care for their patients. Exceptional staff! They are all very caring and compassionate. I can't thank them enough for all they did for me. Highly recommend!"


Robin Smiler
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