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The Best New Treatment for Depression in Over 50 Years

In excess of 350 million people around the world struggle with depression every year. At its worst, depression can be completely debilitating. Fortunately, Ketamine treatment for depression can assist patients in finding relief. At Invictus Clinic, our company offers a variety of therapies to provide patients the tools and resources essential to reach their full potential.

Ketamine was previously used mainly as a type of anesthetic during wars as well as in hospitals. Fast forward to 2020, and Ketamine Therapy is gaining ground as being a promising treatment for depression, which happens to be the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Within the USA, recent estimates show 16 million adults had a bout of major depression in the course of a year. Suicide rates rose at a large scale between 1999 and 2016, increasing by in excess of 30% in 25 states. Due to its rapid action, Ketamine is sure to have a big role to play in assisting to minimize the risk of suicide.

Best depression treatment in Kennesaw, GA

What Are The Sign Of Depression?

Although many individuals feel depressed for brief time periods, depression serves as a persistent sense of sadness or perhaps an absence of interest. Individuals who struggle with depression may feel apathetic, and these people may stop enjoying their favorite pastimes or hobbies. Whenever a person is clinically depressed, the individual may not be able to find joy in any area of life.

Depression is primarily a psychological illness, nevertheless, it can also manifest itself in physical ways. Some indications of depression may include weight reduction or gaining weight, changes in appearance, or trouble sleeping. Individuals may also cry regularly, experience unexplained pains and aches, or it could result in trouble concentrating.

When Should You Seek Depression Treatment?

The causes of depression are as diverse just like the huge numbers of people who are suffering because of this condition. Psychiatric disorders don’t always have a clear cause, and in some cases, it very possibly could be a mixture of issues that result in mental health conditions. However, some common causes might play a role in the development of depression.

A person’s history is most often a good starting point. Individuals who have experienced abuse, deaths among the family, or another form of trauma may need to resolve those underlying issues first. Depression can also be attributable to hormonal imbalances, which can demand medical assistance.

What Causes Depression?

Recognizing depression symptoms can be challenging. Whether or not the individual spots these signs in their daily life, apathy makes it challenging to take the next step. Unfortunately, that in and of itself serves as a sign that it’s a great time to seek help with your depression.

Can Depression Be Prevented?

No two different people possess the same emotional health issues, and no “one-size-fits-all” approach usually works in each and every case. The most successful way to effectively fight back against depression is simply by using a customized approach.

Step one is typically a thorough psychiatric evaluation. This stage will help to identify the specific requirements of each and every incoming patient. Then, professionals can introduce the notion of pharmacological support. For many patients, medication management might also help manage or reduce depression symptoms.

However, depression therapy also has a humanistic aspect to it. Some of the most effective ways to overcome depression include therapy. Talk therapy in various forms can help patients gain the resilience, confidence, and strength necessary to make progress in their recovery as well. 

Why Ketamine For Depression?

How can our Kennesaw Ketamine Treatments Help You? Unlike traditional medications, Ketamine has been shown to act fast when compared to other SSRIs, with many clients who have reported feeling better within several hours after their first Ketamine Infusion. While this does differ from patient to patient, there is no doubt that Ketamine is helping thousands of people take back control of their life.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression and have tried other treatments that continue to fail you, it might be a good time to find out if  Ketamine Infusion Therapy for depression treatment in Kennesaw right for you. Contact Invictus Clinic today and schedule your free consultation.

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