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Ketamine Infusions for Depression Treatment in Roswell, GA

Looking for a professional depression treatment center in Georgia? Invictus Clinic is the #1 Ketamine Infusion Provider for depression in the City of Roswell, GA. We are excited and prepared to give every patient the mental health therapy they need to find relief from the symptoms of their depression.

Generally, after a patients’ mental health has not improved with other forms of therapy. A few have made an effort to try many methods from talk therapy to different medications, to TMS or ECT. Even for individuals who have been listed as treatment-resistant for mood disorders, IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy offers relief.

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Antidepressants VS. Ketamine for Depression Treatment

Antidepressants may take several weeks or perhaps several months to achieve beneficial levels in your body and have a positive impact on your mental health issues. Perhaps even after that, some individuals try numerous medicines in limitless mixtures and dosages and still experience no rest because of their depression. Ketamine Infusion Therapy for depression functions rapidly, oftentimes in just several hours, to provide substantial relief from symptoms. A lot of patients in our Ketamine Therapy program notice results in about one to two days of their 2nd infusion.

Ketamine for anxiety, depression and other mood disorders is able to offer a positive change in life without having the undesirable negative effects related to antidepressant treatments, that may comprise of loss of libido, unwanted weight gain, sleep problems or low energy, nausea, vertigo, tiredness, dry mouth, blurry vision, as well as suicidal ideation.

Once it’s obvious antidepressants aren’t performing or delivering adequate results, a ketamine infusion center for depression and anxiety disorders in Roswell, GA, could be what you’ve been looking for in life.

Facts About Ketamine For Depression

Ketamine is without question acknowledged as the safest, most common anesthetic on earth. It’s given approval for quite a number of medical uses in human and veterinary medicinal treatments and it is frequently used with your children.

World prominent educational institutions have confirmed the usefulness of ketamine infusions regarding the treatment of mental illnesses: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety treatment, PTSD treatments, and many different pain disorders and substance abuse.

At Invictus Clinic in Roswell, GA, our mental health professionals offer the very best Ketamine Infusions for depression in Roswell, Georgia combined with depression counseling. Our exceptionally proficient, educated, and passionate group encompasses professionals who’ve meticulously considered the studies and outcomes of IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

Why Try Ketamine for Depression Treatment?

Ketamine has been put to use as a type of anesthetic as well as an analgesic in surgical procedures, medical emergency facilities, and burn centers. Increasingly more physicians seem to be administering ketamine in Roswell, GA, and across the U.S. when it comes to the treatment for mindset problems as it’s antidepressant impacts are increasingly becoming much more renowned.

When implemented intravenously, ketamine can help individuals suffering from a mental illness or major depressive disorder eliminate emotions of misery and thoughts of suicide. As Ketamine Treatment in Roswell gain recognition, it is undoubtedly extremely crucial that you go see a service provider who holds vital knowledge as well as past experience who can offer you a safe, secure, and appropriate infusion and treatment program for your mental health.

At Invictus Clinic, we offer ketamine therapy with regards to major depression within a relaxed, soothing modern-day facility. Our staff is experienced, educated, sympathetic, as well as highly-qualified. Your safety, as well as recuperation, are unquestionably our top priority.

Our Ketamine treatment clinic and educated staff have the ability to adapt the therapy to match your needs that are different from most clients. This amazing personal technique is arguably one logical reason you’ll find that we have an 80% success rate among each of our patients who can to us seeking a treatment program.

How does Ketamine help people who are depressed?

While a traditional medication or antidepressant may take months to relieve symptoms, Ketamine is thought to help restore nerve connections within the brain and also is helpful with fostering new connections, effectively “rewiring the brain”. The National Institute of Mental Health (NiMH) is the site of much of the research behind Ketamine for depressive illnesses, but other centers and around the world are documenting their success with this effective new treatment.

Research initially indicated that any particular antidepressant works by targeting serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain thought to be related to depressive thoughts. However, new research in the last few decades indicates that serotonin only plays a part in the development of depressive conditions, and nerve connections within the brain may play a more vital role than previously thought.

In initial studies performed with Ketamine, over half of the participants in the studies experienced a large decrease in depressive symptoms within just 4 hours after infusion. Contrast this with your typical antidepressant, which can take weeks or months at a time, and it becomes clear why Ketamine is such an exciting new option for those suffering from a mental health issue that keeps you constantly depressed.

Is Ketamine The Answer To Your Depression Problems?

Are you interested in learning more about how Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Depression Treatment in Roswell is helping thousands of people just like you take back control of their life again? Contact Invictus Clinic today and schedule your Ketamine Therapy consultation. Let’s find out if Ketamine is a good fit for you. Call us now.

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