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Finally an alternative to drug therapy. No added pills = no added side effects.
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Unlike other medications, Ketamine offers relief within hours of your infusion session.
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Ketamine Infusions For Treatment-Resistant Disorders

Intravenous Ketamine Treatment in Woodstock, GA,  offers hope to those with severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD. This includes patients with major depressive disorders, postpartum depression, bipolar depression, OCD, PTSD, and severe anxiety. Severe depression takes a huge toll on your everyday life. Ketamine therapy offers a chance to find hope again. Many patients have tried numerous oral medications, but have found little to no relief as well as difficult to tolerate side effects.

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Our areas of expertise include among the most cutting-edge, evidence-based solutions with regards to treatment-resistant depression, and personalize the strategy to each individual person afflicted. Ketamine treatment offers hope to people who have major depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

This consists of patients who have major depressive disorders, postpartum depression, bipolar depression, as well as severe anxiety states. Severe depression takes a big toll on your standard of living. Ketamine therapy in Woodstock, GA, offers an opportunity to find optimism once again. Numerous patients have made an effort to try a great number of oral prescription drugs, but have discovered very mild to no results along with problematic to tolerate unwanted side effects.

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We offer the following Ketamine Treatments in Atlanta, GA

ketamine treatment for depression in Atlanta GA


With an 80% success rate in recent studies, Ketamine is helping people across the country regain control of their life.

ketamine treatment for anxiety in Atlanta GA


Don't let Anxiety keep you down. Discover how Ketamine infusion therapy is helping thousands of people just like you find relief.

ketamine treatment for PTSD in Atlanta GA


Have you experienced a traumatic event, or are you ex-military? Find out how Ketamine is helping others live normally again.

ketamine treatment for chronic pain in Atlanta GA


Are you suffering from Radiculopathy or Neuropathic Pain? Discover how Ketamine can help provide relief.

ketamine treatment for suicidal ideation in Atlanta GA


Ketamine Infusion Therapy has an 80% success rate for helping those with severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

ketamine treatment for migraines in Atlanta GA


IV Ketamine Infusion treatments are dramatically helping Improve the quality of life for severe migraine patients.

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