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Ketamine for PTSD Treatment

Ketamine is a new form of PTSD treatment in Atlanta, GA, that has shown a lot of promise when it comes to managing chronic mental health disorders including severe post-traumatic stress disorder. Initially, Ketamine was FDA-approved for use in operating rooms to induce anesthesia during surgeries or other invasive body procedures. However, recent medical studies have shown that Ketamine has a therapeutic effect that significantly reduces symptoms of chronic mental disorders.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy is highly effective especially in people with medication-resistant disorders like chronic anxiety disorders, severe depression, and chronic pain. Unlike most other anti-anxiety medications used in the treatments of PTSD, Ketamine delivers relief almost instantly and has no permanent side effects. Studies have also shown that Ketamine is much more effective in treating treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and other mental health disorders.

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What Is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very common mental disorder that is caused by traumatic life events. It can be described as the development of severe emotional and psychological symptoms following a traumatic event. PTSD can develop after a traumatic event or experience which threatens your life or safety and leaves you feeling helpless. Most times after a traumatic event, people normally feel sad, frightened, anxious, and disconnected. These symptoms tend to fade away after some time but in some cases, the trauma to be so overwhelming to the point that affected person is unable to return to their regular lives. If left untreated for a long time, this condition can turn to chronic PTSD.

The History Of PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder was first recognized as far back as World War 1 when soldiers started suffering from extreme anxiety, nightmares, and flashback which lasted for several weeks or months after the experience of combat. This condition came to be known as “shell shock” or “combat fatigue.” After the Vietnam war, the returning soldiers who displayed these symptoms were diagnosed with what was then known as post-Vietnam syndrome. This disorder was formally recognized in the field of medicine and given the name “post-traumatic stress disorder” in the 1980s after it was discovered that the condition affected more than just the war veterans.

Today, PTSD is one of the most common anxiety disorders in Atlanta, GA, and the United States at large. According to the American Psychiatric Association, this behavioral health disorder affects about 3.5 percent of the adult population in the country. However, the highest percentages of people who suffer from PTSD in Atlanta, Georgia are veterans of war who have been involved in active combat. Other people who are at high risk of suffering from PTSD include victims of different forms of violence including physical abuse, child abuse, sexual assault, and other similar atrocities.


Those who suffer from PTSD often re-live the event over and over, through flashbacks or nightmares, and they may develop a detached feeling from their surroundings or have difficulty sleeping. These flashbacks are so realistic that the individual is unable to realize that the event is not actually taking place in the present time and feels as if the event is happening all over again.

Individuals with PTSD also have symptoms that include avoidance and emotional numbness which causes them to avoid situations, people, events, or places that remind them of the traumatic event. They may also have a detachment of feelings and numbness which causes them to withdraw socially with the feelings that they do not care about anyone or anything. These emotions deprive them of the ability to enjoy or have an interest in social or leisure activities and often lack the ability to express themselves and will show very little emotion at all.

Extreme irritability, outbursts of anger, and hypervigilance have also been reported in people suffering from PTSD. Hypervigilance is a state of being extra-vigilant of your surroundings or always being on the lookout for any potential threat or danger. Other common symptoms include persistent anxiety, insomnia, distressing thoughts, fear, reduced productivity as a result of poor concentration, suicidal tendencies, constant panic attacks, self-destructive behavior, and guilt. PTSD is not entirely a psychological problem. It is worth noting that symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can take several months or even years before they start to manifest.

Treatment Options For PTSD

PTSD is not life-threatening but it can have adverse consequences on the quality of your life if left untreated. Luckily, there are several PTSD treatments and coping strategies available to Atlanta city residents that can help cure or reduce the symptoms of PTSD in a patient. However, there is no single treatment approach for this kind of disorder. The key is to try several options and identify which one is best for you as a person. Below are some of the most common forms of treatments for PTSD in Atlanta, Georgia.

Natural PTSD Treatments

The use of herbal solutions is becoming a very popular natural treatment for Post-traumatic stress disorder. This option is cheaper, convenient, and does not have any major side effects. For many centuries, special herbs and medicinal plants have been proven effective in soothing frayed nerves. They have been used also to promote relaxation. Herbal treatment solutions come in many forms. There are herbal pills for anxiety that can serve as nutritional supplements. There are also herbal concoctions and solutions that are used in conjunction with special therapies for anxiety. Most traditional healers prescribe natural herbs for anxiety patients. But even the modern medical community is now open to the use of herbal anxiety treatment specifically to fast track the effects of conventional therapies.

Special Bodywork

Many behavioral health experts believe that manipulating the body using various specialized techniques can help alleviate increased levels of stress and significantly reduce the symptoms of severe PTSD. That is why they recommend special bodywork like massage, yoga, shiatsu, and cardio exercises. Bodywork is a natural coping strategy that can be done at the comforts of your own home. All you have to do is learn different movement techniques and exercises that will relieve stress. You can also hire a personal masseuse so you can enjoy regular whole-body massages. Apart from alleviating stress and calming your nerves, this form of treatment also ensures good blood circulation and increased energy levels within the body.

Holistic PTSD Treatment

Another great natural anxiety treatment is the holistic approach. This type of treatment is aimed at treating the body as a whole in order to completely eliminate the root cause of the illness. Holistic treatment solution includes lifestyle changes, exercise, dieting, bodywork, use of herbal supplements, and therapy. In fact, all known natural treatment options for anxiety are included in a holistic approach. This is the primary reason why you can enjoy a great deal of success if you start a holistic PTSD treatment program. All you need to do is to choose the right treatment approach so you can permanently eliminate the disorder and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Conventional PTSD Treatments

There are also several forms of PTSD treatments under this category. They include several forms of psychotherapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, and exposure therapy. Below are some of the most popular PTSD treatments in Atlanta, Georgia:

Talk Therapy

Therapy helps PTSD victims feel comfortable speaking about their trauma and express their emotions openly. The theory behind this type of therapy is that if a patient is able to come to terms with their experiences, they will be able to get over them.

Exposure Therapy

This is a type of therapy that involves gradually exposing the patient to triggers (thoughts, feelings, and situations) that remind them of the traumatic event. The idea is to help the patient realize that the situation is no longer dangerous. This helps replace distorted or irrational thoughts with balanced ideas that make sense in order for the individual to overcome the fears that bring about PTSD symptoms like anxiety and panic attacks.


In some cases, anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications are used to overcome secondary symptoms of PTSD such as anxiety and depression. Prescription medication can also be used to reduce hypersensitivity, insomnia, and nervousness. While medications are proven and tested by professionals to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of severe PTSD, most of their functions are limited to suppressing the symptoms alone. The effects are not long-lasting, so the symptoms keep on reoccurring mainly because medications do not get to the root of the problem. As such, prescription medication should be used alongside other forms of treatments like therapy if the problem is to be treated once and for all.

How Does Ketamine Help PTSD?

Some research indicates that PTSD could be linked to a loss of synaptic connectivity, controlled by glutamate in the brain. Ketamine Treatments may enhance synaptic connectivity in these circuits, resulting in symptom relief.

People suffering from severe traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Atlanta, Georgia, will be happy to know that the Invictus Clinic Atlanta is one of the leading Ketamine treatment centers in Georgia and the nation at large. At the Invictus Clinic, we offer free consultations and affordable Ketamine treatment in Atlanta to help you regain control of your emotions and lead a normal life. Act now and stop trauma-related stress disorders from ruining your life!

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