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The Benefits of NAD + Therapy

Jun 29, 2020NAD+0 comments


Every time a discussion on aging and staying healthy comes up, NAD + therapy is becoming increasingly more popular. Below we will have a look at some of the benefits of NAD + therapy.

What is NAD+?

NAD is an acronym for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. Notably, it is an important coenzyme that plays a crucial role in powering metabolic processes. Also, it has a significant influence on many systems in the body including cognition, digestion, aging, overall energy levels, and mental clarity. NAD+ is basically a precursor to a healthy body.

Why is it Important?

NAD+ plays an important role as an anti-aging agent. It works on the mitochondria a cellular component that helps in respiration to increase the length of telomeres.
Telomeres are basically protectives caps found at the end of chromosomes. As we age these caps tend to grow shorter in length and NAD+ levels begin to diminish. More importantly, illness, depression, addiction, and stress also contribute to the decline of the aforementioned coenzyme.
NAD+ is known to trigger activities of PARP 1 and SIRT I proteins. These proteins come in handy in repairing DNA damages and this process slows the rate of aging. Once the body reaches a point where it cannot produce enough NAD+, age-related pathologies kick-in.

What Else Does NAD+ Do?

As we mentioned earlier, NAD is a significant coenzyme in metabolic functions. It is also vital for the healthy development of the brain.

However, as people age, the levels of the enzyme start to decline. One of the reasons is that the body doesn’t produce enough NAD+ to help it function optimally.

Some of the important roles of this coenzyme include:

Energy Production (ATP)– Mitochondria is a cell component that produces energy. NAD+ works on the mitochondria in the cell during metabolism to help it in the conversion of food to energy. More importantly, it acts as an electron transporter during the process.

Cell Signaling– Recent studies show NAD+ and its metabolites play a crucial role in cell signaling pathways. For instance, the coenzyme acts as a substrate for nucleotide metabolizing. It acts as a communication channel for the cell and it is mostly used to trigger an immune response when a cell is in distress. The cell usually releases it from intracellular space to extracellular space to signal and send communications.

DNA Repair- As we mentioned earlier, NAD+ triggers the activities of PARP 1 and SIRT I proteins. These proteins help to repair damages on the DNA a process that slows aging.

Neurotransmitter- NAD+ plays a significant role in turning certain genes on and off. The process is important in maintaining neurotransmitter levels, which in turn ensures the brain is properly functioning.

Gene expression- In your metabolism, NAD+ plays a role in modifying chromatin properties every 24 hours. It also controls the rate of histone modification through processes known as methylation and acetylation. These processes are precise for circadian gene expression. Also, NAD+ increases the activity of a body protein known as sirtuins. This process helps to extend life, decrease inflammation, and prevent neurodegeneration.

Enzyme Activity- NAD+ acts as a redox cofactor that controls and signals some activities of the enzyme in your metabolism. Also, together with NADH, it plays a significant role in breaking down alcohol and also in the conversion of lactate to pyruvate in the metabolism process.

Who Does NAD+ Therapy Help?

Sometimes an individual may opt to introduce NAD supplementation in the body a process known as NAD+ therapy. This process has proved beneficial to people with a wide variety of conditions. Some of the people who may benefit from this therapy include:

  • Recovering alcohol addicts
  • Recovering drug addicts
  • People who wish to extend their life
  • People who wish to restore neurological function
  • People who seek to boost a weight loss regimen
  • If you wish to reduce fatigue

Always remember you don’t have to encounter a medical condition to enjoy the benefits of NAD+ therapy. This versatile treatment is extremely important for overall body and mental wellness.

Final thoughts

NAD+ therapy is a good way of introducing NAD supplements in the body and restoring the levels of this coenzyme. The supplements are delivered into the body as a specialized saline solution. The solution contains a concentrated dose of NAD+.
For more information on NAD+ therapy, contact us today. Thrive Wellness Group is a leading provider of NAD + therapy in Nashville.


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